Bernedoodle Size Comparison: Micro, Mini, Medium, Standard

Bernedoodle Size Comparison

Bernedoodle Size Comparison Chart (Quick Information)

Size HeightWeightLife Span
Micro Bernedoodle12 to 17 inches10 to 24 pounds12 to 15 years (average)
Mini Bernedoodle18 to 22 inches25 to 50 pounds12 to 18 years (average)
Medium Bernedoodle20 to 26 inches40 to 70 pounds12 to 16 years (average)
Standard Bernedoodle22 to 29 inches50 to 110 pounds12 to 16 years (average)
Bernedooles Size Comparison

All About Bernedoodle

Bernedooles belong to the dog family’s loveable, friendly, happy, and active breeds. It’s the most well-known type of Doodle. Bernedoole is a hybrid doodle that unites the faithful personality and sturdy, devoted nature of a Bernese mountain dog with the brainpower of the poodle. The fact is that it’s a mixed breed created by the poodle and Bernese mountain dog, so they share the characteristics of both dogs. The mixture of Bernese Mountain and poodle is 50/50. 

Bernedoodles have beautiful low-shedding coats, which are often tri-color. They typically have black, rust, white, or Merle coat patterns. This breed also varies in different sizes labeled Micro, Minni, Medium, and Standard. All sizes of Bernedoole are goofy, friendly, loyal, intelligent, sweet, loving, and least aggressive compared to many other breeds.

An important feature to note is its age. Bernedoole lives on average longer than Bernese Mountain, almost 13 years, compared to just 7 to 10 years for the later generations. 

Berenedoodle Size Comparison Overview:

There are four main sizes of Bernedoodles, with large variations in size. 

  • Micro
  • Mini
  • Medium
  • Standard

These four standardized sizes of Bernedoodles are easily available, and you can find them from various breeders. Let us discuss all sizes of Bernedoodles in detail. 

Micro/Tiny Size Bernedoodle:

Micro Size Bernedoodle

A micro or tiny Berneddodle is the smallest of Bernedoodles, also called a toy or F1 miniature Bernedoole. These micro-mini doodles, also known as teddy bear Bernedooles. Typically, its size is around 12 to 17 inches, and its weight is between 10 to 24 pounds. 

Micro Bernedooles may differ from their poodle parents in temperament because they are more energetic than their parents. That is why they need high-engagement toys and training to keep their attention, and they also need sufficient space for playing and exercising. Similar to all Bernedoodles, though they are also loving, goofy, smart, and great candidates for coaching.  

Mini Size Bernedoodles:

Mini Size Bernedoodles

The mini Bernedoodles also have the same personality as the Bernedoodles as a whole breed. They are slightly smaller than standard Bernedoodles. These mini Bernedooles are typically 18 to 22 inches in size, and their weight is almost 25 to 50 pounds. They are very loyal, true, and loving with people and have similar temperaments as micro Bernedooles. Mini Bernedooles, also known as supervised swimming doodles.

Medium Size Bernedoodles:

Medium Size Bernedoodles

Medium Bernedooles are very similar to standard-size Bernedoodles. They are also loving, loyal, goofy, devoted, calm, and playful, like all other Benedoodles. This type of Bernedoodle is also an energetic breed and requires at least an hour of exercise. Medium Bernedoodles’ average size is 20 to 26 inches, and they weigh approximately 40 to 70 pounds. 

Standard Size Bernedoodles:

Standard Size Bernedoodles

Standard size is the largest size of Bernedoodles, when we compare it with other dogs, its average weight is 50 to 110 pounds, and its height is almost 22 to 29 inches. But it’s important to note that this size depends on the Bernedoodle parents, used in the crossbreeding process. Standard Bernedoodles also have loving, loyal, goofy, calm, and devoted temperaments and a balanced personality. 

To Wind-Up:

The Bernedoodle is an amazing and distinctive breed that unites the qualities and temperament of poodles and Bernese mountain dogs. In all sizes, Bernedooles are good companions for all families due to their loving, goofy, devoted, calm, loyal, happy, loyal, active, least aggressive, and friendly nature. You can also compare their or your favorite pet’s or animal’s size with theirs or others by using “Height Comparison Pro Tool.


What is the average life span of Bernedoodles?

They have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, similar to the lifespan of both “Poodles and Bernese mountain dogs

Who are Bernedoodles parents?

Bernese mountain dogs and poodles.

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