Megalodon Size Comparison

Megalodon Size Comparison

Otodus Megalodon, commonly known as Megalodon, is one of the longest sharks to have ever lived on Earth. Megalodon is considered a member of an extinct species of the giant mackerel shark that lived almost 3.6 to 23 million years ago. 

Its status as the ocean’s  dreadful carnivore is still the same to this day. So, the megalodon’s approximate size has evolved over the years. Though the megalodon’s teeth are the only fossil that experts have, experts determine that the megalodon was a massive animal.

So, it’s natural to raise the question how big is it compared to others?

Megalodon’s Size

According to research by experts, the majority of experts believe that megalodon’s estimated size is 50 to 65 feet long and its weight is over 28,000 pounds to more than 143,000 pounds, and adult females are larger in both length and weight than adult males. 

The word megalodon means “large tooth,” so this thing indicates that a megalodon has huge teeth. The famous shark megalodon’s tooth in height is 18.4 cm (7.25 inches). Its thick and robust teeth are triangular in shape, and they can easily cut bones and flesh. A megalodon has a 7 feet wide mouth with 250 teeth, arranged in 5 rows. Megalodon’s can swim at a top speed of 2.5 meters per second.

Megalodon Size Comparison:

Let’s now compare the size of Megalodon to others for better understanding:

Megalodon Size Comparison to Humans:

According to research by experts, a megalodon is 50 to 65 feet long, while an average adult human height is almost 5 feet 4 inches, which is a very clear difference. A human is not even equal to the megalodan’s tail length because it is approximately 13 feet long. 

A human is slightly larger than the megalodon dorsal fin, 5 feet tall, 12 feet high. Humans are like little snakes for the megalodon shark, as they fit easily in its 7 feet wide mouth. Even a meglodon’s teeth are much heavier than a human being’s tooth; approximately 900 human teeth are equal in weight to a megalodon shark’s one tooth. 

Megalodon Size Comparison to Blue Whale:

Its no doubt blue whale is the biggest mammal that ever lived in the oceans of the world. But before we decide, let’s compare the blue whale’s size to Megalodon’s size, which is also the largest mammal in the ocean. 

A blue whale is about 20 feet larger than a megalodon shark; a blue whale is over 110 feet long, while a megalodon is approximately 50 to 65 feet long. The blue whale is also 75 percent larger in weight than a megalodon. A megalodon’s weight, according to experts, is around 50 tons, while a blue whale weighs up to 180 tons. But Megaldon has a strong jaw. 

A megalodon can easily prey on a blue whale, who could not have put up much of a fight against the megalodon’s ultra sharp teeth. It’s an idea because they have never met yet because megalodon sharks live in warmer areas of the ocean while blue whales survive in colder areas. 

Megalodon Size Comparison to Great White:

Great white sharks are some of the largest sharks, and they rule their areas in the ocean. Megalodon sharks and great white sharks are both members of the mackerel shark family. But they are both different in size. Great white sharks belong to their modern generations, and they are 50 times smaller than megalodon sharks. 

A great white shark is 11 to 16 feet long, and a grown female white shark is 19 feet from the male, while Megalodon is 50 to 65 feet long. A megalodon is also heavier in weight than a great white shark; it weighs 0.5 to 1.2 tons, while megalodons have approximately 50 tons. Great whites have 2 inches of long teeth, while Megalodaon’s teeth are 7.25 inches in height. 

So, camperitively, Megalodon is much bigger in size than a great white.

Megalodon Size Comparison to Whale:

Whale sharks are considered to be the biggest living sharks in the ocean. It’s approximate weight is 61.7 feet (18.8 m) long, which is almost close to Megalodon’s size of 65 feet. The average weight of a whale shark is around 20 tons, which is less than a megalodon’s 50 tons.

Megalodon Size Comparison to T Rex:

Megalodon in both is larger and heavier than a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A T-Rex is 40 feet long, judging from the fossil named Sue, and weighs 9 tons, while a megalodon’s length is almost 50 to 65 feet and its mass is 50 tons.

Megalodon Size Comparison to Bus:

The Megalodon shark is a massive mammal of the sea, and it is almost 3 times longer than three standard school buses in London or 2.5 times the length of standard buses in Europe.     

Size Comparison Chart

Megalodon50 to 65 feet long50 tons
Human5 feet, 4 inches (average height)60 kg
Great White11 to 16 feet0.5 to 1.2 tons
Blue Whale110 feet180 tons
Whale Shark61.7 feet20 tons
T-Rex40 feet9 ton

Final Thoughts:

After a comparative study of Megalodon’s size, there is no doubt it is a massive creature of the sea who rules their areas. According to scientists, it belongs to the mackerel shark family. Megalodon’s are 50 to 65 feet long, have an estimated weight of 50 tons, and are found in all warmer areas of the ocean. They have 250 strong and sharp teeth in 5 rows. Their teeth and swimming speed make them more dreadful for sea giants. You can also compare the size of any giant or thing with Megalodon or other giants by using the tool “Height Comparison Pro” to get the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the size difference between a megalodon and a Great White?

A megalodon and a great white have a significant size difference. A megalodon is 50 to 65 feet long and weighs 50 tons, while a great white’s length is almost 11 to 16 feet and it’s mass is 0.5 to 1.2 tons.

How big are the teeth of magalodon?

A megalodon’s teeth are 7.25 inches in height.

How fast can a megalodon swim?

A megalodon shark can swim at 2.5 metres per second.

On which water of Ocean Megalodon’s lived?

They lived in the warmer areas of the ocean.

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